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Jumanah Anwar
I get so many compliments on my this phone case, it's crazy! Everyone seems to notice it and think it's super cute. I am pretty good at not dropping my phone but it's been 2.5 months of having this phone and I've dropped it on my driveway as well as dropping it multiple times from 2 to 3 feet heights. I've only cracked my phone and that is just because my phone landed on a table leg on the way down, but it's pretty sturdy!
Zenith Diehl
This lamp is amazing. Aside from the fact that it's a 100% accurate 3D moon (!!!!!), it's incredibly versatile for lighting purposes. The full range of colors available is great (I'm partial to the yellow and orangeish yellow), the battery lasts 4 hours on full brightness, and it's lightweight enough that I was able to hang it from a wire hook with no issues.
J M Roth
I was skeptical at first about how the images would turn out but after receiving my item (quicker than expected too) I am extremely pleased with it. The pictures look just as good as in the listing and I'm excited to give it to my friend as a gift. Brought this as a gift for my partner for their birthday and when it arrived I just HAD to get another one for myself. Absolutely beautiful and such a sentimental gift. Highly recommend.
It's perfect as a nightlight and illuminated the room enough that I can navigate easily, and it's so soothing that I passed out into a deep sleep with it on. On top of all of this, there's a little touch panel on the bottom that turns it on and cycles through the colors, you can just gently touch the pad on the bottom and get the different colors! I love it so much I'm probably going to buy another one soon so I have a set.
The Acrylic Album Cover, is so cute! My daughter was so excited! It was the perfect birthday gift! The Album Cover is simple, sturdy, and beautiful! There was a minor issue with the photgraph placement. However, I was able to contact customer service department through the email. They addressed the issue, corrected it and sent a replacement in a timly manner. Thank you, for a beautiful product and great customer service...
Russell W.
I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift and he loved it! Very sweet and easily customizable. It had a large delivery window but came at the beginning of the estimation, there was a tracking number however it didn't provide much information. A bit larger than I expected, very satisfied with it overall. It's really cute the cord isn't to long but you will have to clean It a couple times but other than that my package came no damages .
Ashley McAlpin
When the product arrived I loved it immediately, but it it had some scratches on it and didn't look completely clear. Then I noticed that there is a film over the glass to protect it. It's tough to get that first corner up, but once you do the rest can be peeled off with ease. All the scratches went away and the glass was clear and BEAUTIFUL! I definitely will recommend this product in the future!
Kiana G
Was a birthday gift for SO and he loved it! The only thing that would make me think of taking a star off is that you have to wind the pictures back into the spool with a little knob on the side of it. Sort of silly, you would think it could retract on its own, but not the end of the world. The quality of the pics are great. The keychain loops seem sturdy enough, but my BF said he was going to hang it from his rearview mirror, just in case. Such a cute gift idea!
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